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Children At First Academy


Every child at First Academy is: Always safe Supported Helped Accepted Involved Appreciated Respected, and Unique Educators help them to stay safe and healthy. Children at First Academy enjoy large out door play area with diverse environment that is pleasant for play and stimulus to learn. Children are helped to learn about themselves and develop […]


Welcome To First Academy


First Academy Early Education Centre was launched in 2005 to provide families with a new standard of childcare services, focusing on early childhood experiences and education. The centre have grown into a very well known and loved centre by the warm, welcoming, respect and loving feel and care that all educators and staff provide. Also, […]




‘Parents and Families are the Masters of young children’s learning’ ‘Every family is important’ As part of the process of their learning journey, First Academy’s programming and planning will be to observe the child’s learning and plan the next step. We acknowledge the parents’ involvement as it makes significant impacts on the child’s learning and […]


Projects, Events and Celebrations (PEC)


PEC (Projects, Events and Celebrations) Educators at First Academy, actively supports our young children learning through an on-going projects, events and celebrations with the central idea of ‘belonging, being and becoming’. Australia Day: Celebrating Australia Day enabled our children to explore, and discover the history and tradition of our own land, and country Australia. Chinese […]